About me

My name is Gerry Hoffman. I have been a scientist, an engineer and an entrepreneur. You can find details of my career on my website ghco.biz.

A friend and colleague who read a draft of this post suggested that I add information about myself, in particular what biases and prejudices might influence my work. I freely acknowledge the biases listed below, but I assert that they are biases, not prejudices.

A prejudice is a judgment formed before the facts are known. I try not to have any.   A bias, on the other hand, is a mental leaning in a particular direction which might influence a judgment. I have a lot of biases, based on my life experiences, my observations of others’ experiences, historical evidence and my belief in individual freedom.

  • Individual freedom is the highest good; any infringement of it should viewed very skeptically and avoided if possible.
  • These are some activities that must be performed by goverment, e. g., national defense.
  • Activities that can be performed either by government or by the private sector are almost always done more efficiently and effectively by the private sector.
  • Competition in every sphere of life creates more public goods (economic, moral, political) than an administered system.
  • Regulation always increases costs.
  • Large bureaucracies – public and private – are designed to prevent change, and are usually successful in doing so. A consequence of this is that any policy change requiring bureaucratic change will meet enormous resistance and require substantial resources to succeed.

I suspect that I have other biases of which I am unaware. I am confident that followers of this blog will call them to my attention.